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  • Applications for Beginning and Advanced Leadership are available in Forms
  • Registration is open for Xi State Convention.


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Leadership is the key

Beginning and Advanced Leadership Applications are available in Forms. Beginning Leadership is Oct 19-20, 2018 and Advanced Leadership is March 15-16, 2019 Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_trueffelpix'>trueffelpix / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Update to Presidents

Important update from President Alexander

You will NOT be required to submit a chapter report, nor will I be required to submit a state organization report in 2018. I realize a March 1 deadline still appears on the International web site home page, but I have verification from our new International Executive Director, Nita Scott, that no reports are required this year. I will send a brief survey to incoming chapter presidents in March in order to plan effective training sessions for April, but current chapter presidents are NOT required to submit reports.

Also, Chapter Presidents will NOT be required to submit a Necrology Report either, and the number of points for the Maycie Awards will be adjusted to compensate for the loss of these 10 points.

Xi State Convention Registration

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Registration is available for Xi State Convention. Go here to register (Form available in Feb Xi State News).



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Congratulations to Alpha Lambda chapter's Becky Sadowski for being nominated for International First Vice President and to Rho chapter's Elaine Warwick for being nominated for Southeast Regional Director. Becky and Elaine, Xi State is proud of you! See all of the 2018-2020 biennium nominees at https://goo.gl/yV2Ahj.


June Bowers

Xi State Organization held it Annual Convention June 1-3 at Sewanee (on the Mountaintop). Beverly Smithwas awarded the Xi State Achievement Award and June Bowers was the International Representative to the Conference.

Committee Chairperson


Committee Chairpersons 2017-2019

 Email help is found at the bottom of the page.

Achievement Award: Vicki Mackzum Members include: Wynona Dye, Bea Lyons, Betty Only, and Amy Wood.

Arts and Personal Enrichment: Angela Galloway Members include: Mary Martin, Myra Martin, Rosemary Ragan, Becky Sanderson, Myra Sowder, and Terri Tims.

Awards: Judy Sanders Members include: Bethany Billingsley, Jeanetter Brandon, Wynona Clayborne, Carolyn Cox, Janice Stooksberry, and Cindy Young.

Bylaws & Rules: Dr. Kathy Kester Members include: Irene Archambault, Karen Flowers, Paula Marshall, Linda McCrary, Cami Mitchell, and Fran Young.

Chapter Strengthening: Dr. Dorrie Powell Members include: Pat Aldridge, and Ann Davis.

Communications and Publicity: Jamie Lawson Members include: Dr. Dianne Anderson, Orlean Bauman, Karen Edmison, Elaine Harper, Judith Kerley, Carolynne Moss, Brenda Oldham, Dena O'Neal, and Candyce Sweet.

Convention Steering: Michelle Steen Members include: Tessey Bell, Renee Flowers, Jo Price, Cissy Riley, Beverly Smith, Janet Smith, and Kathy Smith.

Educational Excellance: Sherrie Collins Members include: Carla Caldwell, Nancy Hickey, Diana Homan, Deana James, Carol Moling, Kate Roovers, Stephanie Smith, Trish Stephenson, Martha Wolf, and Diana Womble.

Expansion: Betty Ball Members include: Sonya Glasser, and Doris Hendrix

Finance: Donna Campbell Members include: Kathleen Benedict, Shirley Bullard, Karen Garner, Jane Eve Rayburn, and June Reasons.

Historical Preservation:Cindy Tarkington Members include: Mary Darby, Melanie Richardson, Sharon Shadrick, and Tara Younger.

Leadership Development: Tracy Collier Members include: Kelly Diamond, Betsy Edmond, Audra Flippo, Deborah McDurmon, Beth Petty, Kristy Sherrod, Jensi Souders, and Amanda Watson.

Legislation: Joan Howell Members include: Dr. Krystal Kennedy, Alina Tompkins, Brittany Walker and Cherry Womack.

Membership: Marsha Brewer Members include: Donna Camper, Lisa Edwards, Carlene Ford, Becky Sadowski, and Chasity Webb.

Nominations: Dr. Kathie Harned Members include: Carol Abernathy, Dr. Krystal Kennedy, Mary Evelyn Perkinson, Rachel Weir and Mary Jo Wilson.

Personnel Committee: Dee Dee Rives Members include: Wynona Dye, Carolyn Earnest, Dr. Kathy Kester, Jennifer Lusk, and Mary Frances Wadley.

Planning: Edna Clemons Members include: Peggy Bryant, Rosie Coleman, Pam Rumage, June Silver, Dr. Elaine Alexander, and Elaine Warwick.

Scholarship: Marsha Rains Members include: Star Adcock, Mandy Cannon, Lori Hoskins, and Susie Westbrook.

Special Events: Patsye Jones Members include: Judy Bailey-Ogle, Theresa Brown, Judy England, Pam Heintzman, Harriett King, and Andy Wright.

State Organization Projects: Allison Maynardand Kim Thurman Members include: Donna Catner, Pam Jeffries, Tammy Jones, Cindy Lynn, and Mary Pitts.

Vision Foundation: Sandra Pineault Chair, Holley Ziglar, Vice Chair, Nancy Davis, Treasurer

Area Directors: Pam Egeler, Area 1; Susan Young, Area 2; Marsha Carr-Talley, Area 3; Elaine McIntosh, Area 4; Brenda Oldham, Area 5; Lynn Caruthers, Area 6; Lynn Cole, Area 7; Jo Price, Area 8; Linda Eller, Area 9


*If you are trying to email one of the chairpersons and you have clicked on the name that is blue (hyperlinked), and all of a sudden, your computer wants you to use Outlook or gmail and neither of them are your email program, you can get the email address. Right click over the blue portion and left click copy email address. Then go to your regular email program and right click and click paste and you are ready to type the email. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to email me (Dianne Anderson)--andersond3851@gmail.com

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