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  • Applications for Beginning and Advanced Leadership are available in Forms
  • Registration is open for Xi State Convention.


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Beginning and Advanced Leadership Applications are available in Forms. Beginning Leadership is Oct 19-20, 2018 and Advanced Leadership is March 15-16, 2019 Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_trueffelpix'>trueffelpix / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Update to Presidents

Important update from President Alexander

You will NOT be required to submit a chapter report, nor will I be required to submit a state organization report in 2018. I realize a March 1 deadline still appears on the International web site home page, but I have verification from our new International Executive Director, Nita Scott, that no reports are required this year. I will send a brief survey to incoming chapter presidents in March in order to plan effective training sessions for April, but current chapter presidents are NOT required to submit reports.

Also, Chapter Presidents will NOT be required to submit a Necrology Report either, and the number of points for the Maycie Awards will be adjusted to compensate for the loss of these 10 points.

Xi State Convention Registration

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Registration is available for Xi State Convention. Go here to register (Form available in Feb Xi State News).



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Committee Sign up Form is posted on the Forms Page



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Congratulations to Alpha Lambda chapter's Becky Sadowski for being nominated for International First Vice President and to Rho chapter's Elaine Warwick for being nominated for Southeast Regional Director. Becky and Elaine, Xi State is proud of you! See all of the 2018-2020 biennium nominees at https://goo.gl/yV2Ahj.


June Bowers

Xi State Organization held it Annual Convention June 1-3 at Sewanee (on the Mountaintop). Beverly Smithwas awarded the Xi State Achievement Award and June Bowers was the International Representative to the Conference.

DKG Leadership Management Participants (Golden Gift)


Marsha Brewer 2016
Dr. Elaine Alexander 2014
Dr. Beverly Hall 2014
Dr. Kathie Harned 2012
Jennifer Lusk 2012
Michelle Steen 2012
Ms. Christine Allen 2010
Mrs. Leigh Ann Durham 2010
Ms. Beverly Smith 2010
Mrs. Mary Evelyn Perkinson 2006
Ms. Dee Dee Rives 2006
Mrs. Nancy Davis 2004
Mrs. Elaine Warwick 2004
Dr. Dorrie Powell 2002
Mrs. Becky Sadowski 1999
Dr. Sharon Chaney 1997
Mrs. Vera Jo Henegar 1994
Mrs. Marilyn Ivey 1992
Mrs. Anne Medearis 1992
Mrs. Patricia Morrow 1992
Dr. Pat Essary 1991
Ms. Nancy Harris 1991
Mrs. Janice Sorsby 1990
Ms. Doris Ann Hendrix 1989
Mrs. Barbara Northcut 1989
Ms. Barbara Hinson 1988
Dr. Jensi Souders 1988
Mrs. Lois Jones, Director 1988
Mrs. Linda McCrary 1987
Mrs. Lois Jones, Director 1987
Dr. Isabel Wheeler 1984
Mrs. Lois Jones, Seminar Assistant Director 1984
Dr. Margaret Sherer, Seminar Observer 1981
Dr. Willene Paxton 1980



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