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  • Applications for Beginning and Advanced Leadership are available in Forms
  • Registration is available (forms) for the Xi State Creative Arts Retreat.


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Application Available

Leadership is the key

Beginning and Advanced Leadership Applications are available in Forms. Beginning Leadership is Oct 19-20, 2018 and Advanced Leadership is March 15-16, 2019 Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_trueffelpix'>trueffelpix / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Tennessee Night At International Convention

Uncle Julio

Please RSVP by emailing Dr. Elaine Vaughan at  mevaughan@ortn.edu if you plan to attend the Tennessee Night “Texas Style” event at Uncle Julio’s on July 19, 2018, at 5:30 p.m. CDT. Come in, have fun with friends, and enjoy some of the freshest and highest quality Mexican food in the state. Also, make sure to save room for the chocolate piñata for dessert. Uncle Julio’s is located on the corner of San Jacinto and 3rd Street, about three short blocks from the Marriott. See you soon in Austin!


Xi State Achievement Award Winner

Dr. Dorrie Powell

The 2018 Xi State Achievement Award winner is Dr. Dorrie Powell pictured here with the chair of Achievement Award committee--Wynona Dye.





Pictures from Xi State are posted on the Photos Page

Registration Form for Creative Arts Retreat is posted


Creative Arts Logo

Explore Dream Discover--Your adventure awaits at the Xi State Creative Arts Retreat at Casey Jones Village in Jackson, TN on Sept. 28-29, 2018 Registration form is found here. Y'all come!

Webmaster Wanted


Applications for the Xi State Webmaster are available in Forms. Applications are due August 24, 2018. They are found in Forms


Xi State Chapter Presidents

Presidents by Chapter

Alpha Nancy Broom
Beta Dr. Dovie Kimmins
Gamma Cheryl McHone
Delta Elma McKnight
Zeta Dr. Tricia Jones
Eta Phyllis Mayers
Theta Kristy Sherrod
Iota Jane Bowlin
Kappa Lynn Cole
  Krystal Nelson
Lambda Dr. Sherry  Shroyer
Mu Terrie Mitchell
Nu Laura  Dailey
  Mary  Hines
Xi Sheri Roberson
Omicron Krista Grace
Pi Rhonda Phillips
Rho Laurette Carle
  Jaci Stewart
Sigma Suzanne  Mignery
Tau Amy Richardson
Upsilon Ann  Freeman
Phi Cindy Young
Psi Kelly Dobson
Omega Barbara  Morgan
Alpha Alpha Karen Edmison
Alpha Beta Riley Awalt
Alpha Gamma Wynona Clayborne
Alpha Delta Janet Smith
Alpha Epsilon Dr. Elaine Vaughan
  Carolynne (Kay) Moss
Alpha Zeta Paula Davis
Alpha Eta Barbie Orr
Alpha Theta  
Alpha Iota Laura Pearson
Alpha Kappa Fran Durham
Alpha Lambda Deborah Gray
Alpha Mu Jessica Holman
Alpha Nu Pamla Craig
Alpha Xi Beverly  Smith
Alpha Pi Renee Flowers
Alpha Rho Jamie Lawson
Alpha Sigma Laura  Evans
Alpha Tau Nancy  Irwin
Alpha Upsilon Barbara  Seeley
Alpha Phi Cami Mitchell
Alpha Chi Marianne  Brantly
Alpha Psi Mary Jean Darby
Alpha Omega Shawna Murrell
Beta Beta Barbara  Summers
Beta Gamma Patsy Smith
Beta Delta Chris Loveday
  Sheila  Smith
Beta Epsilon Nivia Serrano
Beta Zeta Edna  Clemons
Beta Eta Jennifer Stanfield
Beta Theta  
Beta Iota Doris Conder
Beta Kappa Carla Caldwell
Beta Lambda Krystal Kennedy
Beta Mu Lea Glass
Beta Nu Kathy Reed
Beta Xi Sharon Walker
Beta Pi Lana Booker
Beta Rho Anne Davis
Beta Sigma Betsy Lucas
Beta Tau Beverly  Anderson
Beta Upsilon Brenda Oldham
Beta Phi Sharon Schmitt-Matzen
Beta Omega Mary Ellen  Stooksberry
Gamma Alpha Ladonna Herrin
Gamma Beta Kim Hammock
  Terri Keeton
Gamma Delta Missy Adkins
Gamma Zeta Carolyn  Earnest
Gamma Eta Dr. Joyce  Swan
Gamma Theta Erica  Boone
Gamma Iota Becky Sanderson
Gamma Lambda  Missy Hilton
Gamma Mu Nancy Davis
Gamma Nu Elaine Harper
Gamma Omicron Harriet King



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